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Kelsey Lake Market

Our Farm

Raising Cattle Responsibly

Kevin and Jill Hershberger began farming in 1987 with the help of Jill's parents.  They started out with a small farm just outside Cassopolis and in 1996, they were able to purchase Jill's grandparents' farm on Kelsey Lake Street.  They started out grain farming and then began raising a few sheep.  Once their children began showing at the Cass County Fair, their interests grew to include showing cattle.  This led to the discovery of a new branch of farming and resulted in the whole family participating in raising cattle.  What started out as a fun fair project has grown into a 30+ head Angus cattle herd and finishing Holstein feeder calves.  We take pride in providing a quality product for our friends and neighbors who take comfort in knowing how and where their food is raised.

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Our Story

Proud Local Family Farm

In 1937 Jill's grandparents, Steve and Arminda Mesko, purchased the farm on Kelsey Lake Street.  They raised five children there while milking cows and working the land.  One of those five children was Jill's father, Jim. Jim worked with his dad and later purchased his own farm just outside Cassopolis, raising 3,000+ hogs a year at the time that Cass County was one of the major hog producing counties in the country.  Kevin and Jill met in high school and Kevin began working for Jim on the farm.  They eventually purchased Jill's grandparents' farm on Kelsey Lake Street.  The farm has grown to include an Angus cattle herd and a feeding floor for Holstein feeder calves.  We feel that we have found our niche in growing cattle and love that we involve our whole family in the business.  We have the privilege of providing quality products for our customers while providing a wholesome lifestyle for our children and grandchildren.

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