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Our Cattle


Our Angus herd began in 2007, after our son Andrew took an interest in showing beef cattle at the fair and decided to purchase his own cows.  Kevin quickly took an interest in the cattle and found it to be a fun and profitable farm project.  We purchased additional cows and a bull, and that was the start of our herd.  We love working with our cows ("the girls"), who all have unique personalities.  The calves stay with their mother until they weigh around 500 pounds and then are weaned.  They are fed a ration of corn and protein and given free choice of hay or pasture.  We continue to expand our Angus herd each year with our own home grown replacement heifers.


We also raise Holstein feeder calves to a finished weight of approximately 1500 pounds.  The calves are purchased from a local source when they weigh about 400 pounds and are fed a ration of corn and protein, as well as being given free choice of hay.  The Holsteins can be a challenge because they are much more curious and inquisitive than the Angus cattle, and they will definitely keep you on your toes.  They are also a lot of fun to work with.  There's one in every group who thinks you are his best friend and wants to play with you, whether he weighs 400 or 1400 pounds!  We love this project and enjoy being able to provide our customers with a quality product.

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